Thai Bar Girls Guide Every Man Should Know

I get a lot of messages from guys asking me how I interact with Thai bar girls.  And in this article I will address that.

Before I continue I want to say something first. This series will have some advanced concepts regarding these bar girls.  Specifically the ones that work in the bars in Thailand, but also including freelancers you see on the street.

Bar Girl Standing outside, Soi Cowboy red light districtIf you have never been to Thailand and simply just want to pay for the bar fine and get it over with that is OK too.  Just walk in the bar, get a beer, choose your girl (if she is willing to go with you) and take her home.  This is very easy to to do here.

But if you are like me, someone who enjoys getting the best performance possible for the amount of money you spend in Thailand, then continue reading.

If you want to:

reduce the risk of a bar girl turning LT into ST then keep reading.

If you want to reduce the chances of the bar girl being a starfish then continue reading.

If you like the idea of becoming close to bar girls to the point that they actually like you and give you free sex on occasion, then please keep reading.

Most guys that starts coming to Thailand without much experience might be a little confused when it comes to bar girls, I myself included a few years ago when I didn’t know how to interact with these types of girls

After so much experience in Thailand I realized Asian girls are not the same as the Western girls that I was used to back home.  In Thailand the girls want the guys to be more aggressive and direct in there behaviours.

After a while with more experience I started to see patterns arise when I was interacting with these bar girls in Thailand who in my book includes go go girls and freelancers to some extent.

It’s like driving a car, at first you don’t pay attention to other cars and only your own driving, and then you become experienced and pay more attention to other signs and more cars around you and become a much better driver. Here are my tips with dealing with these girls in Thailand

Thai Go Go girls on walking street in Pattaya

How to Spot Good Thai Bar Girls

What is meant by “good” is to get a feel for the type of girls that will give you the best experience and are happy to be in your presence.

When you see a bar girl waving and calling at you to come for a drink don’t just get shy and walk away

I see tons of guys in Thailand miss out on good opportunities because they were shy or didn’t even give the girl a chance.

Look, usually the girls that make the move on you and have good attitudes end up giving you an amazing experience.

I see something like this:

A hot bar girl calls and whistles to a farang walking towards her, the guy seems interested and I can tell wants to hang out with her, she approaches him and starts grabbing his hand, and he thinks about it (blushes  a bit)  and walks away like a scared little school girl.

He’s probably thinking “Hey let me continue walking and maybe there will be another girl hotter than this one” or is just to shy and hesitant to go and chat up the girl.  Don’t be that guy in Thailand that thinks he is too good for every girl.

Heres the thing about Thailand:

You never know who the good bar girls are until you at least have 1 drink with them.

Of course they are working and want money, we all know this.

But that doesn’t mean they are not human beings with feelings.

Treat bar girls the way you would to any girl you just met and watch how the interaction goes in your favor.

Thai bar girls pole dancing in a Go Go bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Listen To Your Gut Feeling About The Bar Girl

The point is if you find the girl attractive AND she came up to you and showed genuine interest then take the opportunity.

Trust your instincts when it comes to bar girls, it is usually right.  If it feels wrong walk away.  Especially in Thailand, you don’t want to waste your time and money on a girl that isn’t worth it.

If the girl the type that just wants to make money as fast as possible, or she doesn’t enjoy what she is doing just leave and go find someone else.

In Thailand its all about finding a girl that gives you a good experience.  And with more experience you will know exactly how to spot the best bar girls.

You can usually become close to these types of bar girls and even get freebies once they are comfortable with you. Or maybe you just buy her some dinner.  But this is only possible if you build some sort of connection with the girl, however it is very possible in Thailand.

Even if you are planning on going somewhere else you can still hop in the bar for 10 minutes, have a beer and get to know the girl a bit better in order to see if it’s worth getting the girls contact info.

You can always meet up with her another time or when she is off work that same night, this happens a lot in Thailand.  I have done this myself countless times and it pays off.

Don’t be afraid to buy lady drinks For Girls

This is another important one regarding Thai women in general.  Focus first on having fun with Thai girls and showing the them a good time and usually the girls will end up liking you a lot.  Of course if you feel that the bar girl is the gold digger type that ONLY wants a lady drink and has a bad attitude then don’t keep buying her a drink.

But this usually happens because you chose the wrong chick. From My experience Thai bar girls don’t like guys that don’t even know how to have a good tome.

You came all the way to Thailand, so at least try to have some fun.

Allow the girl to chooses you too.

This was my point I was trying to make before:

If a girl is showing you interest, this is already a good sign.

And if you are interested in the girl too then take the opportunity.This is especially true Thai Go Go girls

When you walk in the bar just relax and have a beer and have a good time. After all this is Thailand.

Feel the vibe of the place.  Feel the vibe of Thai girls and become more familiar with their behaviours.

If you see the attitudes are bad, or there doesn’t seem to be a genuine interest after 20 minutes then leave.

There are always a few Thai girls that work in there that are new, or are not hardcore pros that only want a lady drink or money.

Many of the girls in Thailand would like to have a cool foreigner friend and have sex with them.

Go Go bar girls standing on walking street In Pattaya Thailand

What you have to do is spot these types of bar girls. And if you have enough experience you will notice that they are all over the place in Thailand. Trust me, I have been all over Thailand and I see them everywhere.

Even in Go Go bars where people think has the most hardcore types of girls.  I always a find a few shy ones that give me an amazing experience.

I stay contact with most of them and hang out with them sometimes when I’m back in Thailand.

Thai girls will test you to see how you react to their questionsNever give Thai girls boring direct answers

Be a challenge to them.  Tease them.  Joke with the girls.

These girls love that. Have a playful interaction with them. Try not to make it seem like you are so desperate to go home with them. You should be having fun in Thailand with or without them.  Once you put out this type of vibe they will start to be much more open and willing to have fun with you. This type of attitude will take you very far in Thailand.

Talking About Price With Thai Girls

Soi Cowboy, Bangkok ThailandSo you’re in Thailand and having fun.

You have a beer in hand, smiling and enjoying yourself with the girl in the bar. Eventually the conversation of prices will surely come up.

If you picked her the right way and she had some interest in you to begin with then this will be easy.

Personally for me, I usually like to wait until the bar girl asks me if I want to bar fine her.  It is very rare that I bring up the topic of money first.

She will ask you something like “so what are you doing after”? Or “do you want a lady for tonight?”  Then you casually ask what the bar fine is (if you don’t already know) and find out the price.

The bar fine in Thailand is the fee you need to pay to the bar so that she can come with you.

You should not be showing too much interest in her so she gives you a good price.

You should be able to walk away from bar girls at any given time.

That is the right mentality to have in Thailand.

It’s like buying a car from the car dealership.  If you show so much interest then they will think they can charge a higher price.

This is exactly the same with Thai girls.

Prices for bar girls in Thailand

This is a general guideline. There are different prices for each type of girl It will give you an idea of what you should be paying in Thailand.

Beer bar girls

  • Bar fine: 300-500 baht
  • ST 1000-1500 baht,
  • LT 2000-2500 baht

Go Go bar girls

  • Bar fine: 600 – 1000 baht
  • ST 2000 baht
  • LT 2500-3000 baht

Freelancer girls

  • ST 500 – 1000 baht
  • LT 1000-2000 baht

These are the price ranges that you should be paying in Thailand, and not higher.

For example try not to pay 3500-4000 baht for LT from a Go Go bar girl.

This is over paying, even if the girl is super hot. I know it is your money and you can pay anything you want when you are in Thailand. Just keep in mind that still doesn’t take away from the fact that you are over paying.

This is what drove the higher prices in Nana plaza in Bangkok; many short stay foreigners paid whatever amounts the girls were asking.  Asian and Korean guys do this a lot. It was at least somewhat responsible for the price increases.

You have to keep in mind that 1000 baht in Thailand is still considered a lot of money.  The 1000 baht note is their highest one, so you can keep this in perspective.

This concludes this session about Thai bar girls and it will continue in future posts.


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