I have documented the questions that get frequently asked or that are important to know regarding Thailand.  I have created this section for quick and efficient reference to certain questions.  This will get updated as necessary.


Is low season cheaper to travel to? Are prices cheaper for girls?

No not really, and this is actually a myth.  Prices for drinks, Lady drinks, food, massages, transportation, bar fines are the same year round.  What you will find that is cheaper are hotels, air flight tickets, and sometimes prices for freelancers.  There are also times where you could get a better price from bar girls, or in a go go because there are less customers and she is more open to negotiate a better price.


Should I stay in Pattaya or Bangkok longer? How many days is good for Pattaya?

I recommend usually to start and end your trip in Bangkok.  Most people arrive in Bangkok because of the international flights. A good idea would be to stay 3 nights in Bangkok at the beginning and 3 nights at the end.  When you arrive you will be most likely jet lagged. At the end of your trip it is much better to stay in the city of departure of your flight and not rush anything. Both cities are amazing but Pattaya has more of a vacation feel to it.  It is a beach town and has a more laid back vibe.  A simple two week vacation in Thailand could be 3 days Bangkok to start, 8 days Pattaya and finish off with 3 nights in Bangkok.  You need at least a week for Pattaya to get a feel for it, there is too many things to do there. With this guide you will not waste time figuring out where all the hotspots are, but I still recommend minimum 1 week for Pattaya.


I have heard Pattaya is not the same as before on internet forums, can you please tell me how Pattaya is at the moment?

I can easily say that each time I go to Pattaya I have an amazing time, if not better than the previous time.  Yes certain things have changed. For example it has a more tourist vibe to it, prices have gone up but please understand that prices have gone up everywhere.  In my own city back home prices have also gone up. They are not the same as they were 10 – 15 years ago.  Some things have changed for the better, infrastructure and business standards have gotten better over the years.  Pattaya is still great and a really good value.


How much does a cab/taxi cost from Phuket airport to Patong town and how long is the ride?

About 1000 baht and around 40-50 minutes to get to Patong


How much does a cab/taxi cost from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport into Sukhumvit nightlife area?

About 250-300 baht and 25-40 minutes.


What airlines do you recommend for travel within Thailand? What are the cheapest airlines to travel to other Thai cities?

NOK air and Thai Lionair both offer great service for excellent prices. In my experience they are the cheapest option. They have promotion deals year round. Check directly on their website for the best deals.