Thai Street Girls & Freelance Girls

Guide on Thailand’s Hookers and Ladies of The Night in 2018

Many guys seem to want information on Thailand’s hookers or freelance girls.  In this guide you will know where they are in the popular cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Patong.

Freelance girls in Thailand can include all the following:

  • Girls that no longer work in the beer bars and gogo bars.
  • Girls that prefer to work independantly
  • Girls that have day jobs, but still freelance on the side to make extra money
  • Online girls and more…

And now in 2018 there are even more girls online.  You can browse through the countless profiles to find a girl you like from the comfort of your phone.  Read my Thai Friendly online guide for full details about girls online.

Street Hooker in Thailand


Bangkok Freelancers: Thailand’s Highest Concentration of Hookers

Nana Plaza area.  Look for them in the surrounding bars and across the front entrance of Nana Plaza (One of Thailand’s Hooker Areas)

Along Sukhumvit near the Mcdonalds. Here you will find Thai hookers and also street girls from Africa and some other countries. You will find them scattered all across Sukhumvit close to this area but a high concentration will be at night time around the Mcdonald’s.

Themae Bar Cafe.  This bar is located in the basement of Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road.  Go inside get a beer and have a look, usually there is lots of hookers inside the bar, or standing outside by the street.

  • Online quality: 8/10Freelance Street Girls Waiting For Customer on Bangkok
  • Online quantity: 9/10

Prices for freelancers in Bangkok

  • ST: 1000-1500 Baht
  • LT: 1500-2500 baht


Pattaya:  Beach Road Freelancers & Walking Street

Beach Road.  You will find tons of freelancers hanging out by the beach promenade in Pattaya starting from around Soi 8 all the way to the entrance of Walking Street. Beach road is one of Thailand’s best sources for street girls.

Walking Street.  In the evening, girls will be in walking street in small groups or alone.

  • Online quality: 8/10
  • Online quantity: 9/10

Prices for Freelancers in Pattaya

  • ST: 500-1500 Baht
  • LT: 1500-2000 Baht

Chiang Mai: Northern City With Street Girl Options

Loi Khro Area: You can find them mostly around the touristy Loi Khro Road area by the Tha Phae gate along the river side in Chiang Mai

Foreigner Discos: You will find some undercover freelance girls in clubs like Zoe In Yellow looking for foreign guys in Thailand.

  • Online quality: 7/10
  • Online quantity: 7/10

Prices For Freelancers in Chiang Mai

  • ST: 500-1000 Baht
  • LT: 1000-2000 Baht


Patong:  Beautiful Beaches & Beautiful Freelancers

Bangla Road:  You will find many girls in and around Soi Bangla (one of the best streets in Thailand)either in groups or alone walking.

Discos Around Bangla: Many freelancers in Patong’s clubs like Tiger Live Band, Banana Disco, and Tai Pan Night Club.

  • Online quality: 8/10
  • Online quantity: 9/10

Prices in Patong For Freelancers

  • ST: 1000-1500 Baht
  • LT: 1500-2500 Baht



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