Beers In Thailand

There is nothing like having a nice cold beer in Thailand.  The blazing hot days just call for a nice cold one.  Fortunately Thai’s love their beer the same as they love their whiskey.

These are the local beers you will come to know in Thailand



Chang Beer


Is a light pale malt with not too much head, it has 5% alcohol content and the flavor has a slightly strong after taste.  Although Chang is not the best tasting beer in my humble opinion, it is certainly one the cheapest option when you are in Thailand.  It’s one of those beers that “gets the job done”. In Thailand there is a saying “Changover” and this is to say that it can give you a big hangover from drinking too much of it because of its cheaper price.  It is an excellent choice to have with Thai food.



Leo Beer

Coming in at 5% alcohol, Leo is a lager beer and another popular choice to have with food.  It is very popular with the Thai’s especially when they eat at the street vendor restaurants.  The taste is not that strong, so if you thing Chang has a strong taste give this one a try you might like it better like I do.



Singha Beer

Singha is another 5% alcohol content beer in Thailand and one of the better tasting local brews.  It is a European style pale lager and has surprising crisp yet smooth taste, but it does have a slightly strong after taste.  It is one of the local favorites in Thailand and slightly more expensive than the others, but still very reasonable compared to prices back home.


San Miguel Light

San Miguel Light Beer

San Miguel Light is a Philippines export beer with 5% alcohol content.  This beer is one my favorite in South East Asia.  It is a light lager beer and goes down nice and smooth with mild aftertaste.  Try it and see what you think.

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