Beer Bars

Beer Bars in Thailand can be found in almost every city especially in Pattaya,Bangkok,Patong, and Chiang Mai.  Beer bars are a major component of red light districts in Thailand.

In Beer Bars you are allowed to Bar Fine the girl hostesses that work there and take them out with you.  The price for the Bar Fine does not include and sexual services discussed with the bar girl. You and the girl can come to an agreement on price as per negotiations.

Beer bars are known to offer a more intimate and relaxed vibe, since many of them are not that large.

They usually have pool tables, sports on television and/or Youtube channel playing music on the screens.  Most beer bars in Thailand are foreign owned, especially in the major tourist cities.

The way it works is that you walk in and take a seat.  A waitress will come to ask you what you would like to drink.  After ordering a beer you can just hang out in the bar and girls will eventually come and meet and greet you and start talking to you. If you like them and the vibe is good then you can ask to take them out.


Amigo is a freelance writer and photographer living and working in south east Asia, spending the majority of his time in the beautiful country of Thailand. He loves to travel and write about his experiences on the web in order to help others with travel topics.