Low Season in Thailand

I get asked a lot about the effects of the low season. Thailand is a wonderful place and the truth is that it can be great to travel during any season.  All year around you will still see sunshine, however certain months average more sunshine then others.  It just depends on your own preferences and to understand the benefits of traveling at various times in the year. During the low season the rainfall does average more than normal, however that doesn’t mean that you will be forced to stay inside your hotel room.  Most of the time it is overcast or or periods of sunshine.

The low season starts around May and goes until end of October, while the peak season starts around end of October until end of April. This does not mean that it will rain all day everyday.  Usually the rain comes fast then finishes.

Phuket Thailand, Picture taken November 2014

You rarely get days where it will rain all day.  The rain comes in spurts and is sporadic most of the time.  What I do notice about that time is that it is cloudy more often and you get less direct sunlight.  The Thailand climate is actually very predictable and you know what to expect for every season.

Here are the top 3 reasons why traveling during the low season can be a great thing:

1.  Better Hotel Prices in Thailand

The very first time I came to Thailand was during the busy time, around end of November… BUT the next time I came was in July. I could not believe how cheap some of the hotels where, it was incredible.  That is when I realized some of the benefits to travel during the rainy months. Especially if you wait and book when you are here and see which hotels offerPicture of some islands near Phuket Thailand amazing discounts and then booking right away.

Hotels that were 60-$70 during high season were available for under $40.  Hotels that were around $40-50$ were available for around $25 a night.  This was in Bangkok, Pattaya and Patong, and of course maybe even cheaper in the other cities. So keep in mind the things like hotels and hostels are very cheap during the slower period.  It can be a smart choice to travel during then

If you are like me and enjoy finding good deals on hotels, then you can save some of money.  Depending on exactly when you book your flight it is possible to book more days for the same amount of money,  and if you want to bring back Thai girls to your room then you will want to make sure that your hotel does not have a joiner fee policy.  This also means that the hotel is guest or girl friendly.


2.  Less Crowds During the Low Season

Although Thailand is a major tourist destination, it is still very noticeable that there are less crowds in the rainy season.  Sure, there are still tourists around but no where near the amount you would see during the busy months.  For example, the hotel pool won’t be as busy, more loungers will be available, popular bars and restaurants won’t be full on a weekend.  For some travelers this is welcomed and they prefer to have a vacation with less crowds with more of a relaxed vibe. If that is what you are looking for then this is the time you should be coming for your holiday. However the opposite of that is true for a place like Nana Plaza, a Bangkok red light district that can get quite busy during the busy months.


Girls Wait For Customers at a bar, Bangkok Thailand


3.  Less Customers For Girls When It’s The Low Season

Please keep in mind the supply and demand concept. It it is true from my own experience that during the rainy months there can be better times in the bars. Simply put there are less customers around for the Thai bar girls and it drives prices down somewhat.  In some beer bars you might be one of the handful of customers and they will service you much better with more girls around for attention. You could have 3 or 4 girls around you just talking and having fun while only buying one of them a Lady Drink.  Or in go go bars you can get a better price for ST-LT.  I have experienced this myself many times.  During the less busy times there is much higher chance she will go with you for a lower price.  Especially in beer bars and with freelancer girls.


In conclusion I want to say that both times of the year have benefits and you should try both to see for yourself, I will do an article in the near future on the top 3 reasons why you should travel in high season, to show why that is also a great time to travel here.



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