Bangkok Vs. Pattaya

Pattaya & Bangkok

In this ultimate showdown we will take a closer look at two of Thailand’s major cities. Bangkok and Pattaya. There can be so much said about these two cities, as they are heavily visited by tourist every year. I really enjoy both cities and recommend them both. But I must admit that Bangkok has some advantage over Pattaya at times. And the opposite is true as well; sometimes I prefer Pattaya.

In this guide I wanted to do a detailed comparison. I wanted to make it easy for everyone to understand the pros and cons of each city, and which city has an advantage in certain categories.


Many people would like to know the difference in prices between the cities. I will tell you right now that Bangkok is more expensive than Pattaya. Bangkok is a the capital city with the most population. It is the business market of the whole country. There are many multinational companies there.

This all means that generally demand is higher in the market, and prices are higher. This is true for restaurants, hotels, bars, girls, drinks. Especially in the heavily tourist areas like Sukhumvit Road and the red light districts. The interesting thing about Bangkok is that it can be very cheap once you go outside the tourist areas. So Keep this mind, if you explore you will find great deals on everything.

In Pattaya prices are generally cheaper. Especially if you go away from the Walking Street and Beach Road areas. Pattaya is more of a beach town than a major business city. And although many people visit Pattaya each year, it is still not as developed as Bangkok. So prices are cheaper than Bangkok. The only area where Pattaya is the same as Bangkok are the go go bars in walking street. They have the same bar fine price as Bangkok, and maybe even more at times.

Overall Pattaya Wins.

Pattaya: +1



A great thing about both cities is the number of girls and the quality. Pattaya has thousand upon thousands girls working in the sex industry. From beer bars to online girls. There is a huge quantity and it is very easy to find a cute Thai chick to keep you company. The thing about Pattaya is that there are not as many “normal’ girls. Not like there are in Bangkok.

Remember Bangkok is not just a tourist destination, it is a huge metropolitan city. If you want to meet more normal girls then Bangkok is probably better for you. You will find lots of girls in the malls, offices, subways, and restaurants and night clubs.

Bangkok has a higher population of girls. So naturally this also means that there are usually hotter girls in Bangkok. This is of course subjective as both cities have very hot girls. But because of the big city, you will find a higher average of good looking chicks. Both in the sex industry and normal situations.

Bangkok also has a huge online dating and freelancer scene. Read my guide for finding girls online in Pattaya and Bangkok using Thai Friendly app. Pattaya also has lots of girls online.

This one is a very hard comparison as both cities have amazing girls. But I must pick Bangkok here.

Bangkok: +1


Beer Bars

Pattaya is more “in your face”, as there are literally thousands of beer bars all over the place. The whole city is almost one big red light district. There are so many places you can discover. No place in Thailand can compare to Pattaya in terms of beer bars.

Bangkok also has a few beer bars, but it mostly has freelancer types bars. These bars are “normal” bars, but many freelancer girls come there looking for foreign men. Pattaya is clearly the winner here.

Pattaya +1


Go Go Bars

Both Pattaya and Bangkok have excellent go go bars. In Bangkok they are all within the three red light districs. In Pattaya they are mostly in Walking Street, and Soi LK Metro. There are also a few scattered around.

Both cities have very hot girls working in the go go bars. In this round it is a tie.

Pattaya +1

Bangkok +1


Happy Ending Massage

This one is another close one. Bangkok has plenty of happy ending massage scattered in and around the red light areas and the Phrom Phong area.

In Pattaya there are too many to count. This round is also a tie.

Pattaya +1

Bangkok + 1


Soapy Massage Parlors

Although Pattaya has some good soapy massage parlors, Bangkok simply has more. Bangkok also has some very high end soapy massage parlors that have absolutely beautiful models working in them. One of Bangkok’s strong points is the soapy massage parlors, so Pattaya can’t keep up here.

Bangkok +1


Ease of Getting Around (Transportation)

Pattaya has the “baht bus”, also known as the Songteow. It is a pick-up truck like vehicle with seating in the back. It can pick up riders going along the same destination.  They are all over the place in Pattaya, along popular routes.

There are also hundreds or maybe thousands of motorbike taxis available to get you around reasonably good prices. Due to Pattaya being smaller, and with less traffic than Bangkok, it is easier to get around. Many times you can walk to your destination.

Bangkok has the Subway and BTS Skytrain system. It also has tons of taxis all over, including motorbike taxis. The one major problem with Bangkok is the traffic. It can get so busy at times that you can get to your destination faster by walking. Another point about Bangkok is the size of the city. Sometimes where you want to go is not that close by.

Both cities have good cheap transportation options. So in this round it is a tie.

Pattaya +1

Bangkok +1


Restaurants and Dining

Bangkok is world famous for its dining and restaurants. There are so many different types of food to choose from its ridiculous. And most of the things seem to taste amazing! The Thai food here is off the charts. The international food is great as well. I have eaten the best sushi of my life in Bangkok. They even have some amazing american style restaurants serving top of the line Hamburger, Steak, and so much more. The food in Bangkok is simply awesome.

Pattaya also has great food options, and you will never get tired of eating there. There are awesome seafood restaurants, and many European and British style pubs, serving good food. But Pattaya still can’t beat Bangkok in this category. Bangkok just has too many options.

Bangkok +1



Both cities have an abundance of Hotels. This cause amazingly low hotel prices when there are less tourists around in the low season. You can find some quality hotels for great prices in both cities. Bangkok has more overall hotels due to the size, but both cities are equal in this round.

Bangkok +1

Pattaya +1


My Final Thoughs About Pattaya & Bangkok

Bangkok is simply an amazingly fun city. You will never get bored of it. The downsides are that it is not a cheap city. Another point is that there really isn’t much things to do during the day. Its not like Pattaya where you can go to the beach, or go to Soi 6 and hang out. Usually it is so hot and so much traffic that you end up just chilling out at a bar or in the mall.

Even though I like Bangkok so much, I still prefer Pattaya just a little more. This is just a personal thing. I like the beach town vibe better than the big city vibe. Pattaya has a slower pace to life which I appreciate more.

This is a very hard comparison as both cities are great, and they both have advantages over one another. So lets see the final score:

Bangkok 7 

Pattaya 6


Amigo is a freelance writer and photographer living and working in south east Asia, spending the majority of his time in the beautiful country of Thailand. He loves to travel and write about his experiences on the web in order to help others with travel topics.