Sex Tourists & Single Male Travelers

Sex tourists and/or single male travelers make up a big portion of the travelers that flock to Thailand every year.  You can find them in all cities especially Bangkok, Pattaya, Patong, and Chiang Mai.

These men come from all different nationalities in the world.  It is important to note that single male travelers can also include expats, digital nomads, and all foreign single males that come to have some fun with Thai girls.

Here is the list of different sex tourists you can see in Thailand


The Middle Aged Man

This one is common one we see.  He is in his 40’s and 50’s, seems to be well established, and is on vacation to get away from his family.  He could also be on a business trip.  Either way he is enjoying himself to the fullest.  Usually these guys are cool and don’t cause too many problems.  They are mature and experienced enough to know how things work in life.


The Expat

These guys are retired and live in Thailand now.  Usually they are well traveled and know many things about the scene.  They live here and get a pension to support there life, or some of them open a business to keep themselves occupied.  Many Expats are the owners of restuarants, beer bars and have a Thai wife.  Some of them can be grumpy, but usually most of them are cool and fun to have a beer with and talk about life.


The Younger Men

These guys are usually under 40 or 30.  They save up some money from their day jobs back home and come and spend there vacation in Thailand.  If they are handsome & fit they usually get lots of attention from the girls in the clubs and bars.  They are usually cool, but sometimes can be loud or looking for trouble after getting too drunk.

This can also include the digital nomad types or video bloggers.  They are young, making money online and chilling out in Thailand having a blast.


Amigo is a freelance writer and photographer living and working in south east Asia, spending the majority of his time in the beautiful country of Thailand. He loves to travel and write about his experiences on the web in order to help others with travel topics.