Patong Nightlife: Sex Guide & Prices For Girls in 2018

Patong Disco Walking Street
Patong city in Phuket is simply a tropical paradise, and the nightlife is one of the best in Thailand. From the night clubs to the Go Go bars, Patong is sure to please every taste. The sheer beauty of this place is just mind boggling. It is one of top tourist destinations in all of the world and a big part of Thailand’s tourism.

It also brings in male travelers by the hoards from every continent due to its red light district in Soi Bangla. A big portion of the city is geared around the sex industry.  And now as more and more girls are online, you can find countless hot girls online looking to have sex with foreigners.  Check out the online guide to Thai girls it is a must read to save money and time.

Patong is the type of place that really has it all and I can see why expats would look to retire here. And why not, there are tons of ways to hook up with Thai bar girls.  And because of the diverse nightlife it also very easy to meet normal girls who are not working in the sex industry but would love to have a relationship with foreigners.

Phuket Town is the Capital City

Phuket Town is the capital of the province located further away on the east side of the island. Phuket Town is mostly geared towards local Thais, not like the Patong which is mostly for foreigners. Not many foreigners party in Phuket Town. It is still not a bad idea to go see Phuket Town if you are interested as it has many restaurants and bars worth to check out.

Most of the partying for foreigners and tourists is situated around Patong Beach.

Karon Beach is very close by and also has a few beer bars, clubs. I would say Karon has about 15% of the action of Patong. There is also Kata beach with its beautiful resorts, but this area is mostly for families and couples, and it would not be a good place for a single male traveler unless they want to relax and chill out.

I would not recommend Kata beach for people that are single and want to party, the nightlife in that area is not comparable to Patong’s.

This whole area is home to some of the best beaches in Thailand.

Patong Beach is where the main action is and where the nightlife in Phuket flourishes. That is where we will focus on.


Looking For Patong Bar Girls?

There are many things you can do.  You could go chill out a beer bar before the nightlife kicks in.  How about checking out Go Go bars then go party in one of the discos.  You could always go for a happy ending massage to relax a bit.  There are endless options. Check out the options below:

Soi Bangla Nightlife – The Main Red Light District in Patong

Bangla Road in Phuket

Fortunately the best red light district in all of Phuket island is a stone’s throw away from Patong Beach. It is the perfect setting: A world class beach and sexy Patong Bar girls. Also known as Bangla walking street, it is a reminder of the vibe of Pattaya’s walking street but not as big.

Bangla Road is a wild and fun street about 200 meters in length, filled with countless Go Go Bars, beer bars, and a handful of really nice nightclubs. There are some really hot Thai girls working here, especially in the Go Go bars.

Bangla Road is also home to some of Phuket’s best Go Go bars and nightclubs such as Tiger Bar. This area is very busy in high season. This street is jam packed and a really fun place.

In the low season Patong is less busy. Don’t get me wrong it is not dead, but much less people and some people prefer to travel that time of year.

Go Go Bars in Patong – Some of The Best in Thailand

Go Go Bar Girl

One key element to remember is the amazing Go Go bars on Bangla Road.

Just like Bangkok and Pattaya the Go Go bars here are top quality with some of the sexiest girls in all of Thailand.

The prices reflect that as they are also some of the highest prices in the country.


But keep in mind you are in paradise.

Where else in the world has a red light district and nightlife scene at this grand scale right next a world class beach with white sand and turqoise waters?

Even in a country like Thailand you won’t find this. Pattaya is great, but the beach isn’t in the same league as Patong’s and Hua Hin’s red light area isn’t in the same ball park as Bangla road.

Patong is unique in ALL of the world. In my opinion the prices are reasonable for the type of place it is, expect the following price ranges:

Go Go girl dancing in Thailand


Prices in Go Go Bars

  • Drinks: Bottled Beer/Spirits 150-200 baht
  • Lady drinks: 200-250 baht
  • Barfine: 800-1000 baht on average but can go as high as 2500 baht for certain girls.
  • Short Time: 2000 baht Long time: 2500 baht and up





Beer Bars

Most of the beer bars in Patong are on Bangla Road and there are a few more scattered on the streets around it.  One good thing about Patong is that it’s hot spot areas are not far from each other.  Patong beer bar in Phuket Thailand

The beer bars are perfect to chill out in, have a beer, watch some sports or play some pool.  Generally speaking it is a great way to start youradventure in Patong.

Of course the bars are filled with sexy Thai girls that you can talk to and take home if you please.

Usually one of the many girls will start chatting it up with you. Take it easy and keep the conversation light and fun with them. They love that. Joke around and just enjoy the whole scene.

If she is cool and you like her company you should buy her a lady drink.  The more time you spend warming her up and having a good time with her the better.

Prices in Beer Bars:

  • Drinks: Bottled Beer 70-100 baht
  • Lady drinks: 150-200 baht
  • Barfine: 500-600 baht
  • ST: 1000-2000 baht LT: 2000-3000 baht


Nightclubs – Some Of The Best In All Of Phuket

Patong nightclub Red Hot in Phuket

Patong’s discos caters to both foreign girls who are here for vacation and Thai girls.

Because of this point it has probably the best clubbing scene in all of Thailand.  The clubs are excellent and have big events with well known international DJ’s.

Even though it is nice to see foreign chicks once in a while, the main point is that there are tons of hot Thai girls in all the clubs. There are freelancers working the clubs and normal Thai girls that have day jobs.

Some clubs have cover charge which will cost around 200-400 baht.  If there is a cover charge you will also receive a complimentary drink ticket as well.

Some well known ones are Banana Disco, and Red Hot club. See the map below for more clubs and their location.


Street Freelancers

You can find street freelancers a few ways in Patong:

  • One way is in Bangla Road itself, and by the beach area close to the entrance of the street.
  • Meet them online on the app Thai Friendly.  There are tons of girls on the app who are looking to make money while having fun with a foreigner in Patong.  Most of the time they are out somewhere in the area at night just like you. Hooking up with girls this way is really easy.
  • In the nightclubs which attract tons of hookers.

You can save money this way by avoiding the bar fines and paying a lower price. Many guys are wondering about Phuket”s girl prices, so here is a general idea of the prices for freelance hookers in Patong (Phuket).

Prices for Freelance hooker girls:

  • ST: 500-1500 baht
  • LT: 1500-2500 baht

Remember prices with street girls is always much more flexible.  You can find some good deals if you look around.  Don’t forget that you have the  advantage here.

There are more girls than there are guys.  Hold your ground and don’t overpay

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