Meet Thai Girls Online Guide – Thai Friendly App Review

An amazing way to meet Thai girls in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, Pattaya, Patong, Chiang Mai is online with the dating site Thai Friendly. This is true for both freelancers and “normal” girls. For more info on street hookers in Thailand check out the article Freelance Girls

And if you are looking for girls for sex then you can save a lot of time and money by not going to the go go bars and beer bars.

You can forget about paying for bar fines, lady drinks, your own drinks and higher prices and go straight to source.  Many guys are doing this now as it can be so much easier, discreet and fun!

In this guide I will show you the best way to use the site Thai Friendly and how it can help you meet girls while in Thailand. We will review the important things.

Getting Started With Thai Friendly

Sign Up

First thing is to Sign up. It is free, but you can only message 1 time every 10 minutes. I recommend the upgraded plan so you can freely text as much as you want.


Put up few pictures. Have variety here.  For example, at a restaurant, park, night club, at a scenic place like a beach, with sunglasses. Make yourself look fun and interesting.

Few Words About Yourself

You can write a bit about yourself or not. That is up to you, but is good to write at least a few short lines about yourself and what you likes to do.  Keep it very simple here.  If you want to meet someone for serious relationship then write it down. If not then just keep it short and sweet.

So now you can decide on what is you want…

The 3 Different Types of Girls Online

1. The freelance hooker types

These are the girls who are online to find customers. This includes bar girls and go go girls, massage girls who have a profileThai friendly girl 3 page in order to meet guys for sex.

With these girls you will see them wearing sexy clothes, or showing off their body in the photos.  Usually they don’t write anything in their profile. And usually in the age ranges they are looking for in a man will be “Any” age.

Another indicator is that they give their phone number or LINE, Skype I.D. in their profile without writing anything else.

Believe it or not Thailand is a very conservative country and Thai lady’s do not usually wear revealing clothes or sexy clothes in their profile pictures unless they are working girls.


2. Girls wanting to meet foreigners to date 

These I call the “normal” girls.  They are looking for a Boyfriend, or to just date and see where it goes.  With these types you can go on dates, become friends with them, and have sex for free or even get into a serious relationship with.

These girls usually write in their profile and talk about what they want.  They wear normal clothes and sometimes dressy, but never too much sexy and clothes revealing there ass and boobs.


Thai friendly girl 23. Girls that are looking for sugar daddy’s

These are the girls that are not directly freelance hookers, but they would sleep with you for taking them on trips, dinners, dates, etc.

These girls are usually very hot.

These can include normal girls like college students or girls with day jobs that are looking for a little extra income or gifts and have sex with foreigners in their spare time.

These ones mostly write in their profile that they are normal girls looking for love, or the right man, but they show themselves in sexy clothes. Keep an eye out for this.


Amigo is a freelance writer and photographer living and working in south east Asia, spending the majority of his time in the beautiful country of Thailand. He loves to travel and write about his experiences on the web in order to help others with travel topics.