Bangkok’s 3 Red Light Districts in 2018

Bangkok Skyline

Bangkok Is An Amazing City, and So Are It’s Red Light Districts…

To first time travelers in might be a bit intimidating and time consuming to figure out where everything is.  In this Bangkok red light district guide the goal is to get you familiar with the best hot spot areas in the city, and to give you a good idea of the prices.

The three best areas in Bangkok are carefully catered to foreigners and you will find all types of tourists from all nationalities.

After reading this Bangkok red light district guide you will know exactly where to go for the best adult entertainment this great city has to offer. The 3 main areas to know are Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong.  From end to end they are around two and a half Kilometers away from one another.

Each red light district in bangkok has its own vibe to it and is special in it’s own way.  After some time you will know how to have fun in each of them.  I will describe it in each section below.

Before we do that it important to know a few things first:

  • Compared to Pattaya the prices in Bangkok are a bit higher. Although not by that much these days, but still enough that some people would rather spend most of their holiday in Pattaya because of the lower prices.  Just expect prices to be slightly higher in these areas.
  • Meeting Thai girls online is huge now in Bangkok and all other cities in Thailand. Many guys are realizing it is cheaper to find girls online. And keep in mind that many girls feel more comfortable using a site than actually freelancing in the street. Use the site Thai Friendly to meet freelancers, and “normal girls”.  Use my Thai Friendly Guide to understand how everything works online. There is very useful info there.
  • Most likely you are planning on taking girls back to your room, and you will need to book a hotel that is guest friendly.  These hotels don’t charge you extra for overnight visitors.  This is the best site I have found for the full updated listing of guest friendly hotels

OK now on to the red light districts….

1. Nana Plaza Nana Plaza red light district in Bangkok Thailand

Located in Sukhumvit Soi 4, Nana plaza and the surrounding area is Bangkok’s largest red light district.  There are around 30-40 go go bars, beer bars, and other adult entertainment venues within Nana Plaza.  In the outside areas there are more beer bars, freelancers, and other adult related businesses.

What is distinct about Nana plaza is the fact that it is three stories high and has a courtyard style design in the center of it with more bars. This area of Bangkok is also full of freelancers, and quite a few Ladyboys.  In this area you can mostly see the girl freelance hookers and ladyboys just outside the entrance to the building looking for customers. For some daytime
Usually freelancers work in and around the 3 main red light districts. Check out the article on Thai bar girls here

Just like Soi Cowboy, Nana plaza is very simple to get to using the Sky Train System (BTS).  Exit at the Nana station and it will be around a 5 minutes walk heading north east.

Prices in this area:

  • Bottled Beer: 150-180 baht
  • Lady Drinks: 150-200 baht
  • Barfines: 600-1000 baht
  • ST 2000-3000 baht, LT 3000-4000 baht

Bottom line:

  • Fun and entertaining
  • Many Go Go bars
  • Most of the girs working in the Go Go bars are super hot
  • Prices are highest in the city
  • Many ladyboys around (if you are not into them)
  • Service and attitudes of bars and girls is not the friendliest in Thailand
 Amigos Nana Plaza Rating  = 7.5 /10 


2. Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy

The next red light area is about 1 km away from Nana plaza between Sukhumvit Soi 23 and Asoke is Soi Cowboy, which is a small side street about 150 meters full of go go bars. You can’t miss this place the whole street if full of neon and florescent lights.  You will also find some very nice happy ending massage shops on Sukhumvit Soi 23 just outside this area.  The girls working here are very sexy and prices for ST and LT are reasonable for Bangkok’s Go Go bar standards. In the high season it gets jam packed every night.  Generally speaking Soi Cowboy could be the best red light area in Bangkok.

The red light districts in Bangkok are not as busy during the low season. Some people prefer to travel during those months.

The BTS station to exit in order to get here is called Asoke station. After exiting is just a minute walk to get to this place.  It can be argued that Soi Cowboy is the best red light district in town because it has some of the best Go Go bars in all of Thailand. I like them all, but my personal recommendation is that if you are in Bangkok for a short period of time and looking for only one place to check out I would recommend coming here.

Prices in this area:

  • Bottled Beer: 140-170 baht
  • Lady Drinks: 140-200 baht
  • Barfines: 600-1000 baht
  • ST 2000-2500 baht, LT 2500-3500 baht

Bottom line:

  • Good entertainment and service
  • Many good looking Thai girls working in the bars
  • Soi Cowboy prices are ok for Go Go standards
  • Very small area
 Amigos Soi Cowboy Rating= 8.5 /10 


3. Patpong – The City’s Oldest Adult Playground

Patpong at Night time , Bangkok

Located south east of Nana plaza, Patpong is Bangkok’s oldest red light district.  Patpong is really also a night market which caters to all types of tourists.  In order to get here you will need to use the subway line (MRT) and exit at Silom station.  You will not find the same type of flash and in your face type rush as with the other 2 locations, but it is still worth a look whenever you are in Bangkok.  Especially for the nostalgic aspect of it, since it is also a night market filled with vendors selling all sorts of things at low prices.  This place use to have a good ping pong show where the ladies perform very interesting acts,  but recently I would not recommend that here at all as there is a high chance of scams and over paying for drinks and other charges.

Prices in this area:

  • Bottled Beer: 140-170 baht
  • Lady Drinks: 140-200 baht
  • Barfines: 600-1000 baht
  • ST 2000-2500 baht, LT 2500-3500 baht

Bottom Line:

  • Oldest in the city
  • Doubles for a night market
  • You will see all types of tourists from couples, to families with baby strollers
 Amigos Patpong Rating = 7 /10 

Final Thoughts on Bangkok

My recommendation is to check out all of the areas mentioned in this article. Then after you can come up with your own conclusions and opinions about it. Everyone is different and has their own perspective on things.

If you are new to Bangkok and want to enjoy this city as fast as possible, then refer to this Bangkok red light district guide to help you along.

I like to enjoy them all as I can recognize what each area has to offer and I enjoy it for what it is.  For example,  I like the way Nana plaza is set up with three floors and the countless go go bars I can explore and for the sheer thrill of the entertainment of it. Also there are some super hot Thai chicks working there. Sometimes I just like to go for a couple drinks and check it out but not necessarily LT any girls there.  I like the way Soi Cowboy has bars on both sides and I can check out all the talent as I walk by.  I like Patpong because it is a different vibe than the other two and I appreciate a change of scenery once in a while.

I would also like to know what you guys think of each area in Bangkok and how you enjoy them.

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